Concours of Elegance: rare cars in royal palaces


The Concours of Elegance brings together rare cars within prestigious settings. This is accompanied by an Owners’ Tour, several trophies and prizes and an array of other beautiful and interesting vehicles – an enthusiasts’ dream.


Since 2014, I have worked with the event team on their concours at Hampton Court Palace, the Palace of Holyroodhouse and Windsor Castle. Initially commissioned to revamp their website, with the emphasis on making a visually led site, I now also handle their marketing and advertising design, hospitality materials design and presentations.

  • Web site design and updates;
  • Sourcing and liaising with developer and third parties;
  • Brochures and sales items;
  • Hospitality tickets, invites, wallets;
  • Owners’ items;
  • Stationery, forms;
  • Digital adverts;
  • Adverts for print;
  • Digital newsletter template design;
  • Misc marketing items;
  • Presentations for stakeholders and sponsors


My clients are based in the UK.


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